Update (September 10): The deadline for submitting an application for the position of executive director of Prometheus Foundation is Wednesday, September 18. If you’re interested, apply soon!

Here’s an exciting opportunity for qualified Objectivists who want to promote Ayn Rand’s ideas far and wide.

Prometheus Foundation is dedicated to advancing Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism by funding productive intellectuals and promising projects. The organization is seeking an executive director.

The executive director will manage the process of receiving and reviewing proposals, perform due diligence to determine whether data is accurate and projects are worthy, award funds, and follow up with recipients to ensure that funds are used in accordance with proposals and agreements.

The executive director can work remotely and will travel occasionally. Starting salary will be based on knowledge, skills, and experience.

To apply for the position, email your resume and a cover letter to ronymiller@prometheusfdn.org.

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