These days, leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), such as its chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, incite and encourage Palestinians to spill Israeli blood for “Allah”; they praise and celebrate those who do; and they threaten to bring ISIS to the fight if Israel doesn’t accept the suicide pact that is a “two-state solution.”

But the PLO has always been barbaric, and a recent New York Times article by Sam Borden provides a glimpse into the terrorist organization’s earlier butchery at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Borden’s article begins:

In September 1992, two Israeli widows went to the home of their lawyer. When the women arrived, the lawyer told them that he had received some photographs during his recent trip to Munich but that he did not think they should view them. When they insisted, he urged them to let him call a doctor who could be present when they did.

Ilana Romano and Ankie Spitzer, whose husbands were among the Israeli athletes held hostage and killed by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, rejected that request, too. They looked at the pictures that for decades they had been told did not exist, and then agreed never to discuss them publicly.

Now, however, “Ms. Romano, Ms. Spitzer and other victims’ family members are choosing to speak openly about documentation previously unknown to the public in an effort to get their loved ones the recognition they believe is deserved.”

What could be so unspeakably evil as to incline these family members to withhold information from the public for so long? Among the gruesome details, the PLO terrorists castrated one of the athletes:

“What they did is that they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him,” Ms. Romano said of her husband, Yossef. Her voice rose. “Can you imagine the nine others sitting around tied up?” she continued, speaking in Hebrew through a translator. “They watched this. . . .”

“The terrorists always claimed that they didn’t come to murder anyone—they only wanted to free their friends from prison in Israel,” Ms. Spitzer said. “They said it was only because of the botched-up rescue operation at the airport that they killed the rest of the hostages, but it’s not true. They came to hurt people. They came to kill.”

The PLO came to kill, indeed. This is what the organization is all about and always has been: murdering Israelis.

Borden’s whole article is worth reading—if you can bear it.

As for the solution to the ceaseless Arab and Muslim assaults on Israelis, see my article “Israel: To Be, Or Not To Be.”


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