Last night, TOS contributor Dr. John Lewis delivered his speech “‘No Substitute for Victory’: The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism” to a packed auditorium at George Mason University. Despite a coordinated effort by GMU’s Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to disrupt the event, Dr. Lewis argued logically and persuasively that military measures along the lines of those employed by the United States against Japan in World War II are necessary to end the spread of political Islam. Political Islam seeks to enforce tenets of the Koran through police brutality—to eliminate the dissemination of Judaism, Christianity, secularism, and all other conflicting viewpoints—to destroy “sinful,” this-worldly Western culture—to keep homosexuals firmly in the closet—to keep women ignorant, unseen, and subservient to their husbands, fathers, and brothers—to subjugate all to the will of Allah. Such a political-religious movement, Dr. Lewis showed, is contrary to freedom and the requirements of human life and should therefore be quashed.

Members and supporters of SDS were, of course, unmoved by Lewis’s logic. Rather than listen to his arguments and challenge him with intelligent questions, these advocates of democracy stood with their backs turned to Dr. Lewis from the moment he began to speak and remained thus for the duration of the talk—fortifying their visual display with interruptive banter and childish snickering that made it difficult for others in the audience to stay focused on the content of the speech. Through their actions last night, members of SDS showed that they support the agenda of political Islam and that they—true to their brainless thuggery—are either unconcerned with or oblivious to the fact that, under an Islamic regime, protests such as theirs would be met with gunfire.

Given the widespread confusion concerning the concept “democracy”—used by some to mean liberty, by others to mean the right to vote, and by very few to mean mob rule (its actual meaning)—members of SDS should consider renaming their organization in order to accurately reflect that which they advocate. My suggestion? Students for Totalitarian Dictatorship (STD). Such mentalities are part and parcel of an ideological disease that, through actions like those taken last night, works studiously to infect the culture with Sharia Law—attacking the right to free speech and every other right on which human life depends. It is unfortunate that these pustules will also be saved from the Islamists if their American host ever heeds Dr. Lewis’s excellent advice.

Read more about the event here.

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